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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

NEURTEK at Expoquimia with the latest innovations in quality control instruments

Jul 27, 2021

From 14 to 17 September, NEURTEK presents the latest innovations in quality control and R&D&I instruments at Expoquimia.

NEURTEK attends the international meeting of the Chemical and Surface Treatment industry, EXPOQUIMIA and EUROSUFAS that will take place in Barcelona from 14th to 17th September.  
NEURTEK presents its latest innovations in Quality Control Instruments and R+D+i. Discover it!
INNOVATIONS · Presente and future solutions :
  • Ovens and furnaces up to 3000ºC, laboratory and industrial. Carbolite Gero, high quality and leading heating technology.  
  • WEISS Climatic Chambers
    ClimeEvent, WEISS climatic test chamber. For testing the influence of temperature and humidity on the properties, functionality and durability of your products. Reproducible, certified and with accelerated test conditions. 
  • Coatmaster Flex, non-contact thickness gauge for dry and wet coatings, fast and non-destructive. For all substrates.
  • PosiTector, the simple, durable, accurate, versatile and powerful solution for your inspection needs. Thickness, Surface Profile, Roughness, Ambient Conditions and Dew Point, Soluble Salt Meter, Shore Hardness and Barcol.
  • Perfect colours with the Ci7860 laboratory spectrophotometer and iMatch Colour formulation software, Ci64 portable spectrophotometers, and the new MA5QC. X-Rite colour control solutions. 
  • SurfaSpector, a portable meter for testing the wettability of metal, glass and plastic surfaces from SITA. Measuring devices for the control of the cleaning process.
We will be pleased to welcome you and present you all these novelties in Hall 3 Stand F111 of NEURTEK at EXPOQUIMIA - EUROSURFAS.