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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

NEURTEK success at ECS

Apr 12, 2017

The European Coating Show has given NEURTEK the first international experience as a manufacturer of instruments for quality control for paint and coatings.

The leap to the international market is due to innovation and quality commitment, with improvements in design, materials and production. All made in Spain.

During the fair the highlight instruments has been the new Compact Automatic Applicator for its small reduced size, flexibility and for its adjusted price , the new Lattice Cutting with oscillating head, the Embutidor, the Mandrels, Resistivimetro of paintings ... and the Viscosity Cups , Manual Applicators, Picnometers and Grindometers, among others.

At the same time, the referenced brands represented by NEURTEK in Spain and Portugal presented their news:

> DEFELSKO took its entire range of Thickness and Multiparametric probes to control roughness, moisture, salt content, etc. Ideal for laboratory and insitu inspection.

> TABER a classic that continue being the reference in Abrasion control for coatings.

> X-RITE presented the color management solution for coatings and raw materials.

> RAL celebrates its 90 years of excellence, with all its range of colors and charts. RAL CLASSIC still ahead.

> RHOPOINT presented the new Trigloss Low Cost Brillometer, combining excellent quality with a spectacular price.

> JUST introduced the Light Cables with Led luminaires, as well as Lighting Rooms for very large samples, and even for complete car in automotive.

> WINTERTHUR presented the CoatMaster Non-Contact Thickness Gauge for both laboratory and on-line.

> TQC with new designs, connectivity improvement and usability in its equipments.

> DATAPHYSICS came with solutions for the control and improvement of the Liquid - Solid Surface Voltage with the contact angle method.

NEURTEK is a reference in quality control instruments for coatings and we continue innovating in order to help our customers find the best solutions in quality control.