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New NKG glossmeter

Apr 26, 2018

NEURTEK present the advanced glossmeters, from matt, high gloss to mirror gloss surfaces. Avaiable in Single 60º, Dual 20/60º and Trio 20/60/85º geometry. Rapid data transfer.

The new NKG gloss meter is designed to meet the most demanding measurement criteria from matt to mirror gloss surfaces.

Small, lightweight and durable with high specifications, including statistical analysis, graphical analysis and free software for data transfer, the ideal choice for general brightness measurements. 

NEURTEK presents the NKG gloss meter in different angles to meet all applications with the highest precision and resolution Single (60º), Dual (20/60º) and Trio (20/60/85º).

Learn how the NEURTEK NKG glossmeter works in the following video:

More information about NKG glossmeter, here.