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MEGA-CHECK Basic / Profi / Master

Coating Thickness Meters MEGA-CHECK for coating thickness on metals

The MEGA-CHECK coating thickness meters sets a standard in coating thickness measurement. The devices use the most advanced electronic technique.

For the first time the measuring probes are fitted up with an own microcontroller which converts the analog probe signals and send them digitized to the control unit. This technique makes them nearly trouble-free and ensure high precision and reproduceable measurements.

The probe cable is connectable from both sides (control unit and probe) and therefore easy to service. In case of a broken cable the device must not be sent back to the manufacturer, the operator can exchange the cable by himself.

The MEGA-CHECK devices have a big, clearly arranged graphic display with backlight.

A wide selection of ferrous, non ferrous and dual proves also of small size can be connected. Worlswide the firt dual probe with swinging probe head.