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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

Viscosity and Reometry

Viscosity cups, UNE ISO , Ford, DIN, Zahn, rotational viscometers, Krebs-stormer, cone-plate viscosity oils or patterns.

Viscosity cups

Viscosity cups UNE ISO , Ford, DIN, Zahn for simple and practical measurement of the viscosity of paints, inks, lacquers and other liquids. +

Industrial Viscometers

Industrial viscometer models allow not only laboratory measurements, but also measurements during production processes. There are different options, from portable models to models with waterproof cases, that allow a detailed examination of liquid samples. +


With a rheometer, the behaviour of materials in deformation and fluidity can be determined and analysed. For many products it is essential to know where the creep point is, this important value is used to manufacture products of the same quality, such as gel, varnishes, paints, lubricants, pastes or ointments. +

Texture analyzer

With the latest technology and more functions LAMY offers a new versatile texture analysis system. It objectively offers all the textural properties of any type of product. +

Temperature control

Apart from depending on the shear speed and the shear application time, the viscosity is strongly temperature-dependent. Most materials decrease their viscosity with temperature. +