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Flow Timer NK1100

Flow time measurement to determine viscosity.

The Flow Timer NK1100 can precisely, accurately and reproducibly measure the flow time of coats or paints through standardised cups in order to determine their viscosity. This device is used in the paint and coating industries.


▪ Optical fluid detection.
▪ Detection of (transparent) fluids.
▪ Automatic flow and drop detection.
▪ Suitable for ISO, DIN, AFNOR & FORD cups.
▪ Portable, 4x1,5V battery (~1 year for daily use).
▪ 1 button operation, auto power-off.
▪ Optional mount for thermal jacket.
▪ Easy to use, clean and maintain.
▪ Up to 999 seconds.



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0201300 Electronic Flow timer for viscosity cups Quotation Request


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