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Equipos y ensayos para control de calidad

SITA Clean line ST

El tensiómetro de procesos SITA clean line ST, continua y automáticamente mide la tensión superficial de los fluídos del proceso en la industria de limpieza de partes, tecnologia de superficies, semiconductores e industria fotovoltáica, así como en la industria química.

The inline fluorescence measurement technology SITA clean line CI is optimal for a continual cleanliness control in cleaning processes. Slight traces of contamination such as oils, greases, cooling lubricants or surfactants cause quality defects in following surface treatment and surface coating processes leading to higher costs. A regular inspection of part surfaces ensures that the required cleanliness levels are maintained. Further actions such as dosing up the cleaning agent components or bath care can be initiated immediately if the part cleanliness decreases.

The measuring system SITA clean line CI can be adjusted to each customer’s unique inspection tasks.

Used with an industrial PC or an SPS with touch panel, the central control unit of the SITA clean line CC allows process-specific system solutions to be realized. 

Based on a combined analysis of process and plant, SITA application engineers develop the SITA clean line system solutions to be adapted to each customer’s specific set of criteria.

Reliable and Robust:

> Measures contamination films on part surfaces continually and contact-free.
> Avoids problems during coating, bonding, welding, printing or hardening processes.
> Immediate control of cleaning quality.
Measurement of layer thickness of oils, corrosion inhibitor or bonding agents.


> Highest product quality through controlled cleaning.
> Contact-free cleanliness control.
> Documentation of lowest contamination levels.
> System solution for high process security.
> Cost effectiveness through process optimization.

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