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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i


Retroreflection from road signs and pavement stripes saves lives and reduces accidents in nighttime traffic.

DELTA´s RoadSensors products have been key solutions in ensuring worldwide safety at night-time driving on roads and in airports. Our advanced and reliable measurement solutions – mobile as well as hand-held – are renowned for ensuring optimal conditions for all drivers.


LTL-XL Retroreflectometer

The LTL-XL retroreflectometer is the preferred choice of professionals. Designed for professionals, the LTL-XL, with its advanced technology, can measure night and daytime visibility of all types of road markings at a simulated distance of 30 m. with the highest level of accuracy. +

RetroSign GRX retrorreflectometer

RetroSign family of instruments the most frequently used Retroreflectometer for signs. +

LTL-M mobile retroreflectometer

Handheld retroreflectometers are today the only instruments being accurate enough and accepted for contractual valid measurements of road markings +

Marking Thickness Gauge MTG

DELTA Marking Thickness Gauge measures the thickness of the paint and thermoplastic of pavement markings (to 12,7 mm). Designed for field work, easy to handle, robust construction and ergonomic design. +