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Equipment for Quality Control and R&D+i

Wet or Fresh coating gauge

Measures the thickness of fresh liquid or powder coating layers vefore curing, enabling rectification of unsatisfactory layers by adding mor material or blowing off the excess. The wet layer/cured layer ratio must be calculated in each case. This value is generally is 50%, but amay depend on many variables.

Wet Film Thickness Gauge

A wheel-shaped thickness gauge made of stainless steel to check thickness of fresh and wet film +

Pfund Thickness Gauge

This instrument consists of two concentric cylinders, one sliding inside the other. A spherical glass lens is fitted to the end of the central cylinder and when pressed into the wet film it leaves a trace. The diameter of this mark varies depending on the thickness of the coating, which can easily be assessed from the conversion table supplied with the instrument. • Ideal for measuring the thickness of translucent products (varnish, oils etc.) • Measurement range of 2.25 - 360µm (0.09 - 14.17mils) +

Wet Film Thickness Gauge WG

Wet Film Thickness Gauge WG is a hexagonal/octagonal precision measuring comb made of heavy stainless steel. The high-grade stainless steel will not be affected by acid or base elements. Models available for several different applications. +

Powder Checker, powder Comb

This simple, easy-to-use gage measures the thickness of applied dry coating powder...before it´s been cured! +