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Enviromental Testing

The quality requirements of the different sectors make it necessary to carry out accelerated ageing tests (corrosion dus to time and humidity, salt fog, thermal stress, solar radiation) which enable us to simulate and validate the coatings under different environmental conditions.
Expert service with a stock of original spare parts and Calibration Laboratoy accredited in accordance with ISO 17025 by ENAC in Temperature and Humidity.

SOLARBOX Xenon Test Chambers

A family of two sizes and four models tabletop xenon test chambers. The sun you have always wanted: sunshine day and night for accelerated light stability and weathering tests. +

SunChex R.H.

Tabletop accelerated exposure test chamber for sun and weathering simulation equipped with a 1500 Watt xenon lamp. +


UV Tester for UV-Condensation acceleration aging tests UV BOX simulates the effects of sunlight with ultraviolet rays using UV fluorescent lamps and also reproduces dew and rain using moisture condensation and water spray. +