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Paint Control

Grindometers, Pycnometers, Minimum film forming temperature, resistivity meter, drying time, flashpoint, porosity meter.


Grindometers to determine the degree of grinding of paints, lacquers, varnishes, inks, etc. +

Pycnometers and Density

Pycnometers, Flowmeter, leveling and lift. +

Minimum Film Forming Temperature (MFFT)

The Rhopoint MFFT is the industry leading instrument for measuring the minimum film forming temperature of water based materials. Definition - “MFFT is the lowest temperature at which a latex, emulsion or adhesive will uniformly coalesce when laid on a substrate as a thin film.” An accurate MFFT value allows the formulation of products that cure correctly under specified application conditions. +

Drying Time Recorder

A reliable apparatus to test the drying time or gelation behaviour of many paints and coatings, applied onto a glass strip of 300 x 25 mm (12” x 1”) by means of our cube applicator. +

Compact DC Porosity Detector

Is a High Voltage DC Porosity detector also known as holiday detectors, spark testers, porosimeters or jeepers. +

Rapid Tester, flash point verification

The most advanced instrumentation for flash point verification. Simple to operate, the Rapid Tester is ideal for routine flash point testing. +

Sikkens NK3000 Scratch Tool

Cutting tool especially designed for cutting panels or specimens with coatings or test panels for salt fog corrosion tests, as described in the standards ISO 12944-6:2018, ISO 17872, ISO 9227. +

Digital Resistivitimeter RE45

Equipment developed to measure the resistivity of paints, varnishes and liquids in a fast and precise way. Indispensable for the correct functioning of electrostatic paint installations. It helps saving paint and reducing paint waste. +