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ILAC accredited laboratory for Viscosity Cups


NEURTEK is now an ILAC ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory for Viscosity Cups 

NEURTEK increases the range of ILAC accredited instruments by becoming an ILAC Accredited Laboratory, ISO 17025, for Viscosity Cup Calibrations.
All types of Viscosity Cups with or without handle, with or without standard can be “ILAC calibrated” at NEURTEK.
Global Service

Production and Calibration of ISO, FORD, DIN, ZHAN, AFNOR viscosity cups.
You can purchase and calibrate your viscosity cups at NEURTEK ensuring the quality you need.
We improve deadlines
By carrying out the whole process of ILAC Calibration of the viscosity cups in NEURTEK's own facilities, we shorten delivery times. We calibrate your viscosity cups in 48 hours.

We provide you the full guarantee to calibrate your viscosity cups thanks to our ILAC Accredited Calibration Laboratory.
All models at a competitive price.
In NEURTEK we take care of the Quality of the Product and Service. Thank you for all these years of trust  as your instruments & services supplier of quality control equipment.

Let´s grow together in "Quality".

Viscosity Cups